Chicago Tribune: The Underground Named the Most Popular Nightclub of the Year for Celebrities

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The year’s top celebrity hangouts

They can be high-maintenance with all their requests, disrupt business (if not bring it to a halt) and often don’t even pay — and just about every establishment in the city would give almost anything to get them in the door, entourage and all.

They are celebrities, and they have proven to be great for business.

Not only do stars help determine the trendiest hangouts in the Chicago area, they make for fun stories, like when Drake brought a laptop and speakers to Chicago Cut Steakhouse in August so that he could DJ his own dinner with friends.

The celebs spotted in and around Chicago this year formed your typical cast of characters: athletes playing for or against Chicago teams (Derrick Rose, Derek Jeter), musicians on tour (One Direction, Beyonce) and actors in town filming or promoting movies or TV shows (Henry Cavill, Sophia Bush).

Where did stars tend to hangout?

I tallied all the sightings I received in emails and texts and the ones I saw with my own eyes over the last 12 months; now I’m handing out a variety of awards to some of the top celeb hangouts, based entirely on my results. Congratulations in advance to the winners. And to those businesses who hope to one day be among the top celeb hangouts, try adding some gluten-free options to your menu.

Most popular nightclub for celebs: The Underground

Was it the renovations? The Underground, which opened in 2006, seems to be enjoying a resurgence following last year’s remodeling. Miley Cyrus, Dave Chappelle, Usher, Upton, Henry Cavill and One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Liam Payne all walked down the entrance staircase this year. “We’re always pushing ourselves to continuously be fresh and the place to be,” said Underground co-owner Billy Dec (pictured above with Cavill and Michael Shannon). “We reinvested and made all sorts of improvements to the space, bringing in top-of-the-line tech, lighting, sound, furniture and talent. Rarely ever do you hear of a nightclub open and thriving after so many years, but we’re only getting stronger.”

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