Happy Birthday DJ AM! Unreleased 2009 Mix

Happy Birthday DJ AM and Thank You

Today DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein would have been 47 years old. Although it’s been over a decade since he passed, his legacy and music will live long into the future. DJ AM was really the first dj to take Hollywood by storm and quickly rise to celebrity status. He undoubtedly opened doors for many and paved the way for the idea that the dj was more than someone who just provides music. He solidified that dj’s had a platform to be recognized as musicians, artists and personalities.


Unreleased Mix: LIVE at Avenue LA (2009)

If you were lucky enough to have ever seen one of his sets, then you would know how great of an entertainer he was. There was no musical genre that he would not touch. He made ‘50s rock and roll somehow gel and vibe with ‘90s rap. Known as one of the originators of the mash-up style,  he was also one of the most incredible turntablists that I have ever witnessed. The lasting impact of his music and style stretch well beyond music. It was the advent of the celebrity dj that began to change the trajectory of nightclubs all over the country. So today we celebrate his life, artistry and contributions to the lifestyle and community that surround Nightlife. Please enjoy this previously unreleased DJ AM mix below: