Experiential Marketing for Event Planners

Marketers around the world are starting to harness the tremendous power of experiences as a way to market their brand. Nowadays, it’s harder than ever to get consumers’ attention. For that reason alone, it’s easy to see why brands are falling in love with experiential marketing. Between traditional marketing media and digital media, experiential marketing has a variety of mediums to compete with, but in terms of consumer satisfaction, engagement and brand loyalty, none compare to events. We’ve gathered the top essentials to keep in mind when creating experiential events.

Creating a FOMO Event

At its core, experiential marketing is all about immersing consumers in live experiences that are fun and unique. When your participants attend your event, they’ll share what they’re doing on their own social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others—and do the event marketing for you in the process. Those who missed out on the event will generate a sense of FOMO, also know as Fear of Missing Out. This creates a stir in the digital world and those who didn’t attend will want to next time.

Tell a Story

Memorable moments, high-quality engagement, open conversation: are you seeing the fully painted picture? Experiential marketing is the perfect method to increase measurements of brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction. What makes experiential events so compelling and effective is precisely what can make that kind of advertisement ineffective—they’re living, breathing and immersive entities that tell your story in a way your event attendees won’t forget. When you create story for your audience, you leave a lasting memory rather than being lost in the competition.

Creating Memories

Whether it’s an Instagrammable brand activation or a participatory pop-up, your attendees are given the chance to be a part of your brand. When you experience something incredible, it will be ingrained in your memory for years to come thus creating lasting impact. A great experiential event is just like that—it’s something that people will remember and talk about days, weeks, even years after.

Experiential marketing is about building a relationship with your consumer to prove to them that you value them. It’s about storytelling, communicating, engaging honestly and openly, allowing your consumers to go out and find what they are looking for in your brand. Our event planners at the Underground are dedicated to creating memorable, experiential events that speak to a brand’s voice. Contact our event planners to start planning your unique event in Chicago!