Halfstack Magazine: The Underground’s Style Series Turns Premiere Club Into Fashion Hotspot

Chicago’s premiere nightclub, The Underground, became a window to the fashion world with the return of its highly successful Style Series. Guests are privy to a highly stylized fashion experiences in the intimate, exclusive atmosphere that awarded The Underground title of “the hottest club” from Entertainment Weekly. The style experiences were provided by 10 MGMT Talent Agency, a Chicago- based modeling and talent agency, founded by David Sanchez.

A runway cut across the dance floor with eager onlookers on either side, enjoying innovative cocktails by Grey Goose. Actor, fashion stylist, and entertainment reporter, Marcellas Reynolds,opened the show. Originally from the South side of Chicago, his editorial work has been featured in InStyle, British Vogue, and numerous other publications. Reynolds wanted to do this event because he felt it was important to represent Chicago, the Third Coast. He wanted the rest of the world to know our fashion prowess and all we had to offer.

Marcellas Reynolds Reynolds chose the looks from the two local designers, Anna Fong and Sanah Yasin, that lit up the runway. This was designer Yasin’s first show. “Designing is something I’ve always wanted to do,” she said backstage, approving final looks. “I finally decided to dive in.”

Reynolds said fall was all about black with embellishments. The first line up by Anna Fong featured classic lines with modern updates: high to low hems, eyelet fabric, and cut outs. My favorite was a sleek long sleeved black dress with a white collar, the hem dividing like two flower petals front to back. You could easily wear it during the day or turn up the night, forever classy and sexy. The second line was described as American cuts with Pakistani stitching and flourishes. Beautiful oranges and blues floated down the runway, lights catching the silver dragonfly on a girl’s back or the gold decals on another’s shoulders.

The designers walked with their models on the runway at the end, something they should get used to with their bright futures. Yasin was very happy with her first show. She loved seeing her clothes up under the lights and looks forward to them being in local boutiques.

Designer Sanah Yasin with model A venue’s essence is integral to an event’s success. You feel you are entering somewhere special as you go down the steps into The Underground. Playboy named it “One of America’s Top 10 VIP Lounges”. Even if you’re not a VIP, you feel like a VIP. The service is warm and personalized. Everyone feels cared for and it sets the energy on fire. It’s one of the reasons celebrities frequent the location. When you expect quality and you’re used to quality, you find above and beyond experiences like the one tucked away in River North.

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