Tequila Tasting for Rookies

Tequila made me do it! How many times have we heard that line stumble out of our friends’ mouth? Say goodbye to the morning after hangovers and bad decisions. We’re here to give you the ultimate guide to tequila tasting so you won’t have to spend another night by the toilet.

Pinkies up, you classy human.

Take it Easy Partner

If you truly want to be the best host, be sure to serve the tequila at room temperature and don’t forget to have a light hand since each pour should be 1/2 ounce. As up-and-coming tequila connoisseurs, we have to set an example for those less experienced. Repeat after me – we sip, not chug.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Time to be a little snobby. Hold your glass up to the light and note the color. Tequila Blanco should be crystal clear, Resposado a golden color and Anejo can range from gold into deeper amber. Yes, you’re being that person but doesn’t it feel great?

Noses Up

Next up, we swirl the tequila to release the aromas. Holding the rim of the glass about 1/2 inch from your nose, give a sniff and pretend like your bank account has multiplied by a million. Tequila Blanco may have notes of citrus, apple or pear while the Resposado and Anejo varieties may exhibit aromas of sweetness like vanilla, honey, caramel or almond. You’re looking swankier than ever baby.

Sip of Champions

Take a sip of the tequila and hold it in your mouth for a moment as if your thinking of something very, very deep (it could be tacos, your choice stud). Allow the flavor to coat your tongue and swallow. You should be able to taste most of the flavors you smelled. Look around feeling satisfying and confident.

Final Touch

Don’t forget to evaluate the finish and texture. Tequila doesn’t have to be a 5 second feeling of regret. It can be smooth, mellow, full-bodied or light. The finish could be oily, silky, bold, etc. Flavors that linger on the palate are considered to be a long finish. Be sure to note those words so you can later brag to your friends.

Sombreros off to you! Now that you’ve taken the steps to educate yourself on how to properly not end up in the ER, time to put it to good use! Join us for an official tequila tasting at The Underground where we will be featuring an assortment of tequila, along with an incredible Art Show. Bring your friends and show off those acquired talents! To RSVP, please click here.

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